An enduring gift for the family of a fallen soldier
Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday #NeverForget

What we do

Mosaics for Heroes creates poster sized memorial Mosaics for families of our fallen soldiers. There is no charge to the family for the Mosaic. Families can choose to use their own pictures to make the Mosaic or they can use our database of patriotic photos. A typical mosaic will contain approximately 4000 tiny photo cells (sample below). Together, these cells are arranged to give life to the main image of the Mosaic. The Mosaics are created, printed and shipped directly to the family and are sized to fit into a poster sized frame (24" by 36").

Mosaics for Heroes is a Non-Profit organization, so we rely on donations to keep the service going. Please consider using the GoFundMe link above to donate today!

sample mosaics


The Mosaic tiles represents everything wonderful about our country; all the things we often take for granted. Your soldier’s sacrifice should remind ALL of us that it's worth standing up and fighting for our way of life. I for one want to make sure that you know that I am thankful to him/her for keeping our liberties and freedoms safe.

Never Forget.