An enduring gift for the family of a fallen soldier
Testimonial 11/25/2014
by Mosaics for Heroes on November 25th, 2014

Soldier: ​Sgt. Darrel Eugene LaFevre

OhI LOVE it! The flag just makes it!! Thank You Thank You, Have to go show Mom! How do you do this?? It's amazing! Labor of love for my country. And it shows  They are absolutely breathtaking...May I share on my timeline ? I am simply in awe of seeing him like this. Teary eyed but in a good way. Thank you for what you do and God giving you the talent to do it. God Bless you  You have a special place amoung them and us families.....​Thank You Tony. Will be the best Christmas gift ever. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas! Gob Bless all you do .......Shauna

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