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​Mosaics for Heroes creates poster sized (2' by 3') picture memorial Mosaics and we do them free of charge for families of our fallen soldiers. We would be happy to create a mosaic for you.
We will need the following information:
  • Soldier's full name, service title/rank and some information about his service and death. You can also op to send us a web link to the information.
  • The actual mosaic can be created using photos provided by you (need about 300-400 pictures) -OR- I can use our database of patriotic pictures. Many of the mosaics we have posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages were created using our patriotic database. If you want to use your own photos, we will need you to contact us, by phone, to discuss the details and logistics of getting copies of your pictures and/or digital media.
  • We need you to determine what image you want to use for the main mosaic image. We usually recommend a formal head shot photo but it doesn't have to be this. Perhaps you have a special photo you like. It does help if the photo is a close up of the soldier like a head shot photo.
  • We will need your contact information (address, phone etc) so that we can ship the final mosaic to you. The mosaic is printed on glossy photo paper and pre-cut to fit into a poster sized frame (2' by 3').
  • If you just want a digital copy of the Mosaic image (not printed), we would be happy to provide that as well. Just remember that the image will be cropped to fit into a poster sized frame.
Thank you for reaching out to us! We look forward to honoring your soldier's service and life.

Please email us or fill in the information below to request a mosaic for your fallen soldier.

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